Facial Bulbs in a Tanning Bed

Face tanners are an available option when tanning in a tanning bed. In some beds, you can choose whether you would like to keep the facial bulbs on or off. The lamps are designed to use reflectors to give your face optimal exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the bed. Facial bed lamps can give you an optimal facial tan due to their design, unlike ordinary tanning beds that do not have facial lamps. The skin on your face is different from your body so make sure when you are in the tanning bed it feels to strong to turn the facial light off. A tip, use the facial bulbs on and off throughout your time in the bed. Image


Why Should I Wear Goggles When I Tan?

The question is why would you want to damage our eyes? Protecting your eyes is very important, and if you do not wear eye wear, you greatly increase your risk of eye problems. According to Preventing Blindness America, there are two types of UV rays: UVA and UVB. They both target different areas of the eye. UVA can cause central vision problems by damaging the macula (which is part of the retina, located in the back of the eye), and UVB damage is more common, which affects the cornea and lens of your eyes.

Long term exposure to UV rays without eye protection can cause blindness, disorders, cancers, and lesions. Also according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, UV rays can increase your risk for cataracts, which can cause a clouding of the lens. Cataracts have been known to be the leading cause of blindness among older adults in the United States.

Did you know that your eyelids only protect you against about 25% of the UV rays from a tanning bed? So the, “I forgot my tanning goggles” or the, “I will just put a towel over my face”, will not work! Your eyelids are too thin to protect the eyes from the UV rays and the towel does not block the UV either, it just filters it. UV rays can pass through objects, just like a towel. Even if you do not where eye wear now, it is never too late to start!

Feather Extensions: Fashion or Fad?

Those fun multi-colored feather extensions add a touch of funky flair to any hairstyle. Feather extensions can be washed, curled, or straightened and last up to four months-but can be easily removed if needed. These fun little guys cause no damage to your own hair and are a fun way to add some creativity and color to your lovely locks. There is a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from, so any look can be created whether it be hot and vibrant, or natural and simple.

The use of feathers as adornments can trace all the way back to Ancient Egypt and 19th Century France. Let’s also not forget the feather fad to sweep over the hippies in the 70’s as well.  As women, we are privy to every kind of accessory imaginable, so it appears that feather hair extensions are simply another trend to hit the beauty and hair industries. Fashion is known to come and go with each generation, modified just a bit each time it comes back in ‘style’.  Feather hair extensions have recently swept the market again, and are a fashion trend we now offer at Island Tan!

I Want Lashes Like the Celebs!

Ever wondered how celebs always have enviously long and thick lashes!? In order to make your eyelashes look longer and thicker, one thing you can do is use a darker eyeliner. In other words, use a liner that is darker than the color of your eyelashes. It will create the illusion of thicker eyelashes at the root. Here are a few more ways to make your lashes look like the celebs!


Enhance the lashes you have: You can achieve a seriously enviable set of lashes with lash extensions; something that beauty experts and celebrities alike swear by. Make sure to do your homework on the place you decide to get them done at. You want someone with experience and a place that uses mink lashes instead of synthetic. Something to keep in mind for lash extensions, you truly get what you pay for!
Master mascara: Mascara really opens up your eyes and gives them a more bold look. For maximum impact first use eyelash curlers and an eyelash brush to separate the lashes. Take your time and really make sure you have mascara on each of your lashes for a bolder and thickening effect!
Fake it: If you want to make a statement with your eyelashes for a night out, fake it. Strip lashes are a popular weapon for most of the celebrities who don’t have those long and thick eyelashes. The only difference is that they are applied by professionals, and in your case, you will be applying them on your own. This fact may take you a bit longer to learn how to apply fake eyelashes like the professionals. Keep trying to use them on a everyday basis to get your technique down! Practice makes perfect.

Help!…My Legs are Still White!

They say that the farther away from your heart a part of your body is, the harder it is to tan. This makes sense, as you probably have come to discover your legs are the hardest place to tan!  The reason behind this is that most people have at least some cholesterol build up along artery walls, making it much more difficult for blood (and oxygen) to flow. Oxygen that comes from outside assists the tanning process as well. So wearing pants, especially tight ones, could very well cause enough oxygen deprivation to hinder the tanning process. Don’t fret, we have various ways around this! First, before you come in to tan try to shave and exfoliate so new skin is there. Newer skin is more susceptible to tanning. Another huge role in tanning your legs is keeping them moist and massaged so the oxygen is circulating. There are some awesome tanning lotions made just for your legs to keep them hydrated properly, allowing you to achieve the deepest and darkest tan. Popular ones, for example, would be Gorgeous Gams or Leg Work by Devoted Creations. Gorgeous Gams is an ultra dark bronzing formula targeted just for your legs to speed up the tanning process. Leg Work as well, but this dark bronzing creme is also formulated with cocoa butter, macadamia oil, and natural bronzers to keep that year round glow. Self tanner spray cans and lotions (i.e. Salon Solate or Glitz) can also be used in and out of the salon to touch up your tan and add immediate color.  It’s a universal want to achieve the same tan on their legs as their upper bodies. With the help of a few tanning products your legs can be bronzed and beautiful I’m no time!

Why Do I Need Vitamin D??

I’m sure your doctor has told you that you need lots of vitamins to keep your body healthy. One of them is vitamin D. But why do you need it? Below are some ways your body uses vitamin D, as well as ways to get it:

What does Vitamin D do for diseases?


-Reduce chances of heart disease

-Dramatically reduce chances of cancer

-Extremely helpful against osteoporosis

-Very good for the immune system

-Helps fight depression

-Reduces acne

-Helps reduce chances of getting Alzheimers

-May also help with weight loss

-Help prevent pathological muscle weakness

-Combat type II diabetes and the metabolic syndrome

There are several food sources for vitamin D. Fish, such as salmon, tuna and mackerel, are sources of this vitamin, as are egg yolks, cheese and beef liver. Vitamin D-fortified milk and other foods are also good sources. You can find vitamin D through taking supplements that come in two forms: vitamin D2, and vitamin D3. Both of these are good to have because your body needs both.

Sunshine, however, is the most natural way to get vitamin D. UV exposure stimulates your body to naturally produce vitamin D in your skin.  This is the easiest way to get the essential vitamin D that your body needs. When there is not enough sun outside, you can always run into your local tanning salon to catch some rays and relax in the winter.

How Does Tanning Affect Your Hair??

Just like your skin, the sun and UV rays tend to dry out your hair if you aren’t taking the proper steps to maintain it. This is why we stress the importance of tanning lotion and aftercare moisturizers for your skin; to put back all of the vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids UV rays tend to take away. Your hair is no different. Since UV rays can be drying to hair, it would be in your best interest to use a moisturizing conditioner when you know you are going to be in the sun or tan indoors often. Also, there are some leave in conditioners sold online or at drugstores made with sunscreen, allowing you to spritz a little in your hair before coming into the salon for extra protection.

Tanning can also be responsible for lightening those locks. This is awesome for those of you that are blonde, or if you’re trying to lighten up your hair anyways. However, if you prefer to keep that head of hair of yours on the dark side, we suggest using a hair cap while tanning indoors. The Tannie, for example is one of the most popular ones out there; sold at most tanning salons or online. This is a hair cap that helps to retain moisture and protect your hair from fading and becoming too brittle. It’s breathable and washable too so it’s a great one time investment if you plan to tan indoors frequently. Although most people don’t really think about it, dryness and lightness are two ways tanning indoors, or outdoors, will affect your hair. Luckily with a great conditioner and/or hair bonnet you won’t have to worry too much about your hair becoming damaged by the sun.

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