What is the difference between the Versa Spa spray booth and Custom Air brush?

Versa Spa: This is an open-air machine where you stand in and do either a 2 pass or 4 pass positions. With this booth there are many different options with color; light medium, and dark. Also clear level, which lets the client develop color 4 to 6 hours after their session and a bronze level where the client has immediate color, both give you the same end result. Versa Spa has voice commands to help clients through their spray tan and also letting them know when to turn. A luxurious spray tan in your own privacy!


Custom Airbrush: A technician using a spray tan machine applies this type of tanning. The technician creates a custom color for your skin tone and is applied directly to the skin. This eliminates unwanted tan areas such as underarms, knees and elbows that often soak up too much solution resulting in dark areas, they can touch up areas to blend color or add more color, add definition for things like abs or thighs, and help even out skin tone issues due to rosacea, eczema or other issues. This making the process completely “custom”.




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