Advantages To Spray Tanning

Here is the top 10 advantages to a spray tan!

1. It’s safe, it is UV free – no exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays.

2. Airbrushing is quick – it only takes 15 minutes to finish your body and you are tanned immediately.  

3. Spray tanning color can be matched to your preference – you can either have a light, medium, or dark color. 

4. Your tan will last 7-10 days.

5. It makes you look and feel great – your teeth look whiter, you look healthier and skin imperfections are hidden. 

6. After the airbrush session you can go out immediately because the solution drys quickly on your body and won’t stain your clothe or sheets in your bed.

7. You can tan all year long, even in the winter time.

8. Spray tanning solutions are often organic and a sugar based. (call your local tanning salon and ask them what ingredients are in their solution)

9. Spray tanning is immediate where as, tanning beds you would have to have 5 tanning bed sessions or many hours laying out in the sun to achieve a big difference in color.

10. Spray tans are great to do before a special event or vacation because you will stay beautifully bronzed the whole time!

Spray tans are the best kept secret! Call and make an appointment today for your next spray tan!



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