How to Take Care of Your Skin After Using a Tanning Bed

  1. The best thing you can do before you tan is exfoliate. This helps reveal a fresh layer of skin and also gets rid of dead skin so that it doesn’t peel away quickly. Your tan will last longer.
  2. Before you go in a tanning bed you want a tannin lotion. Not using a tanning bed lotion, you only receive about 1/3 of tan time. This can help moisturize the skin to help accelerate tan. There are many different kinds of tanning lotions so when you are at your local tanning salon ask them which one is best for your skin type.
  3. After your tanning bed session, you may want to use a cooling aloe lotion because it can get very hot in the tanning bed. It will leave your skin naturally moisturized.
  4. Moisturizing is very important after your tan to keep up your tan and make your skin healthy. Use a quality after tan lotion a few minutes after getting out of the tanning bed.
  5. Continue to moisturize with body lotion every day and especially when you get out of the shower.

High quality product ensure you get the best results and there are usually less harmful chemicals in them. Try “Crown Of Gold” for a good aftercare lotion and “Follow Me” tanning bed lotion to get the best results possible. 



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