5 Tips to getting the best tan from a tanning lotion


Are you using a tanning bed but are just having trouble achieving a dark and golden tan? Try a tanning lotion! Here is a helpful guide to getting the best tan with a lotion!

  1. Talk to a tanning consultant about what different kinds of lotions there are and what would work best for you.
  2. Buy a lotion in store. Do not purchase online! You want to make sure when purchasing a lotion because people could have tampered with the product, which can result in an out, dated, watered down, spoiled, and not authentic item.
  3. Stay consistent! Once you find a tanning lotion, stick with it for a while to give it a chance to actually work. Some tanning lotions that seem to take longer to work often provide the best long lasting tan.
  4. Have an even lotion application. Try to not be in a rush when apply your tanning lotion. Many tanning lotions contain cosmetic or natural bronzers, which means you want to make sure you apply it evenly all over your face to get an event tan.
  5. Always try your tanning lotion before buying it. How do you know if you like it if you haven’t tried it?

Call your local tanning technician to find out more about lotions!


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