Self Tanners

Don’t have time to sit out in the sun all day but you want a fast tan? Use MANNA Kadar Bronze Beauty Self-Tanner. This product is a custom blend of natural ingredients creating the richest looking tan in the most luxurious was without the sun. Achieve a golden glow with natural ingredients such as Aloe, Vitamin A & E that serve to moisturize, hydrate, and protect the body with a fresh almond oil scent. This product is also noncomedogenic so you can use on your face without worrying about breaking out! Visit for more info!Image


Stand Up Tanning Beds

Have you been tanning in a tanning bed and are starting to notice areas on your body not getting color like the rest? Maybe your sides are not getting the same color? The best possible solution is trying a stand up tanning bed!


A stand up tanning bed is more open so this provides a more thorough tan, plus the lamps and reflectors spread the rays more evenly across the body. These beds are usually larger which allows freedom to the tanner and is also perfect for people who want more space or for people who don’t like to lie down. A helpful tint for the next time you are in a stand up is to turn around throughout your session and also put your arms up down to get every part of your body tan.Image

Facial Bulbs in a Tanning Bed

Face tanners are an available option when tanning in a tanning bed. In some beds, you can choose whether you would like to keep the facial bulbs on or off. The lamps are designed to use reflectors to give your face optimal exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the bed. Facial bed lamps can give you an optimal facial tan due to their design, unlike ordinary tanning beds that do not have facial lamps. The skin on your face is different from your body so make sure when you are in the tanning bed it feels to strong to turn the facial light off. A tip, use the facial bulbs on and off throughout your time in the bed. Image

What is the difference between a tan and sunburn?

It is very important to know what happens to the skin as it is tanned or burned and what long-term, harmful effects may be. UVB rays are most responsible for skins burning. The rays actually pop the capillaries just beneath the surface of the skin. Long-wavelength, UVA rays have totally different results on the skin. UVA rays penetrate into the skin, melanin granules are oxidized and a tan. However, UVB rays are required to stimulate these melanin granules to raise to the skin’s surface, especially in the skin that possesses small amounts of the pigment, melanin. For this July 4th make sure to wear sunscreen and enjoy the beautiful day!