Long Term Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning, or spray tanning has often been looked upon as a special event type of tan, for example weddings and school dances. However, sunless tanning can be used and looks great all year long! Each member of the Island Tan Team is trained to provide you with an amazing looking tan at any time. Our solution also is differnt from many other salons, in that it won’t give you the infamous orange color. Sunless tanning also comes in different shades. For example, in the summer months you could choose to go a medium-dark color and then in the winter go for a light bronze, but enough to still provide you with some color in the cooler months. The custom airbrush is also another option to provide you exactly what you want. Many people tend to do their arms and legs a little darker because that is what is seen the most. The choice is up to you. Look beautifuly bronzed all year long!