The Media and Tanning

For a while, indoor tanning has been given a bad rap and a lot of this comes from media exposure. For example, the tanning mom ūüė¶ ¬†Another negative that is stated is that people who are fair skinned should ¬†not be using tanning beds. Here at Island Tan we tell our client’s to start off slow and create a base tan. This will help with melanin production, lead to a deeper tan and can decrease the risk of a burn. We also never let client’s tan twice in one day. Another positive of Island Tan, is that we require our client’s to wear eye protection. The FDA requires eyewear and some media states that tanning salons do not offer or provide information about protective eyewear. It is important to not listen to everything on the media, and if you ever have any questions you are more than welcome to call us or come on in ūüôā



The Tanning Process at the cellular level.

Tanning takes place on the outer layer of skin, which is the epidermis which contain melanocytes. When the melanocytes are exposed to UVB rays they produce melanin, the pigment that allows you to tan. When the melanin is treated to UVA rays, it causes the melanin to darken. Cells in the epidermis are constantly reproducing and pushing the older cells upward. When this happens the cells that contain melanin are removed thus causing your tan to fad. In order to keep your tan you need to continuously be providing your cells with UVA and UVB.

Happy Holidays from Island Tan!


Can’t¬†figure¬†out what to stuff those stockings with? Don’t know what to bring to the Secret Santa gift exchange? Island Tan Salon and Spa can help you! From Makeup, to mini lotion bottles, gift certificates and Murad skin care products, we are sure to be able to find that perfect gift for anyone!

Manna Kadar Cosmetics has many choices of options for a Christmas Gift. Check out our new gift sets that will make the perfect gift this holiday! We offer the Golddigger Palette, as well as eyeshadow and lipgloss sets. Island Tan also has the perfect size stocking bottles of lotion.

Also for $19, you can fill someone’s New Year with beautifully bronzed skin with Bronze Beauty!

Murad is an amazing skin care line that can be the perfect gift for anyone.¬†Murad has starter kits that are $35-$45 and allow you a 30 day supply of the products. You can give someone clear, glowing skin to go into the New Year! Last but not least, don’t forget that Island Tan offers gift certificates of any amount! This is perfect for you Secret Santa gift exchange. Show someone you love them this year by coming into Island Tan and giving them the gift of beauty and skin care!