Finding the Perfect Lotion!


Trying to figure out what type of lotion to buy but you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of bronzer? Let us help!  We offer many different types and brands of lotions in salon. These include sunless tanners, bronzers, maximizers, blushes and tingles. So whats the differences and what would you pick for yourself. We a sunless tanner includes Glitzs, Bronze Beauty and My Bronze. These are simple lotions that also have a dark tint in them in order to instantly put color on your skin. These are perfect for our UV Free tanners! Then we have our bronzers. Our bronzers include Bronzed Betty, Bronzology, Stay Sexy and Pauly D’s Sexy Swagg. Bronzers will provide instant and delayed color. The tint of the lotion will provide the instant color to your skin and then the it can combine with the DHA in order to provide you a long lasting tan! Maximizers, such as Flower Child, will help you build past your tanning plateau. So when you think you can’t get any more color and you have just stay the same color for a while, try Flower Child to boost your tan to a new level! Finally, we have our tingles. Tingles are designed for the regular, advanced level tanners. Tingle products will create an immediate reddening and warming of the skin. The circulation of the skin is increased and output is a DARK tan. Tingle products are not recommended to inexperienced tanners. Like the maximizers, tingle lotions will help you more past your tanning plateau. We offer Torch which is a tingling bronzer! All of our employees are well trained in lotions and would love to help you pick the right lotion for you! Come into salon now and lets find the lotion that brings out that bronzed glow!


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