Why Should I Exfoliate When Tanning?

There are a few steps in order to ensure that you maintain your tan longer, whether it’s from a tanning bed or from UV free solutions, such as the Versa Spa and Custom Airbrush.  One of these is  to make sure you exfoliate.  Some people feel that if they overuse the tanning beds or natural tan that their skin will develop a leathery appearance. This is due to your body drying and peeling, and can cause  a tan to look uneven.  Each week you want to exfoliate in order to remove the drier, dead skin cells evenly and provide your will smooth skin. To exfoliate you want to move in small circles applying a light pressure.  This also works prior to sunless tanning.  The sunless tanning solution goes onto the surface layer of your skin.  If you do not exfoliate prior, the tan will be on the dryer, dead surface skin cells.  When you exfoliate, you can remove a lot of those dead cells which will allow you to have your tan for a longer period of time. Another key thing to remember is to not exfoliate with anything that contains oils which can block the tanning solution from sticking to your skin or bar soap because it can dry out your skin too much.


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