How can I cover my bumps and bruises? Help!

How can I cover up my bruises, scares, stretch marks or cellulite? 

Spray tanning is the perfect solution! It will not cause any sun damage or hurt your skin with any harmful rays; it will just give you a beautifully bronzed color that will last a little over a week.

How does spray tanning work?: DHA which is the main ingredient in the solution acts as a colorless chemical that interacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells to produce a brown color change (derived from sugar cane). Spray tans are perfect tool for overall coverage on your bruises and scares because they are instantly hidden. This also a great way to save money and not hurt your skin. Plus, it’s a time saver because you don’t have to spend hours laying out at the pool waiting for your color. Everyone always say’s, being tan makes you look skinnier and more toned! Now who doesn’t want that without out having to go to the gym!

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