My legs won’t tan! What should I do?

Are you wondering why your legs aren’t tanning ladies? The skin on your legs is thicker than other parts on your body which causes women to have a hard time keeping color on their legs. Women also are constantly shaving which exfoliates the skin and you lose your tan faster. In the shower you want to stay away from bar soaps in because those tend to dry out your skin and would take off your tan. Keeping your skin well moisturized everyday helps your tan last longer. Using a lotion that is packed with vitamins and nutrients will help replenish your deep dark tan.To ensure the best results you want to use a tanning lotion before your session because it will help get a even bronzed look all over your body, and use a lotion extender or a self tanner after your session to progress your tan! There are many different kinds of tanning lotions that are made to help tan your legs. So ladies stop the worry and when you are at a tanning salon next, ask the employee which lotion would work best for your legs and skin type!


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