Does eating healthy foods help me tan faster?


Yes it is true! Eating healthy not only is good for your overal health it helps with developing a faster tan! 
1. You want to be eating enough good fats to ensure your body has proper building blocks for healthy skin. You can take vitamins like Omega-3 to help increase your fat intake. 
2. Want to make sure you are getting enough antioxidants for example. Omega-6 oils, proteins, fats and vegetables. Evem little sweet treats like berriers and dark chocolate are packed with antioxidants. These antioxidants will help reduce inflammation and free radicals.Image
3. Vitamin D can help protect the skin and many other parts on your body. Melanin which is the dark pigment that you recieve when we get tan, and also produces a shield from further UV exposure.
Next time you are getting ready to tan try these steps to see how they work for you!

How can I cover my bumps and bruises? Help!

How can I cover up my bruises, scares, stretch marks or cellulite? 

Spray tanning is the perfect solution! It will not cause any sun damage or hurt your skin with any harmful rays; it will just give you a beautifully bronzed color that will last a little over a week.

How does spray tanning work?: DHA which is the main ingredient in the solution acts as a colorless chemical that interacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells to produce a brown color change (derived from sugar cane). Spray tans are perfect tool for overall coverage on your bruises and scares because they are instantly hidden. This also a great way to save money and not hurt your skin. Plus, it’s a time saver because you don’t have to spend hours laying out at the pool waiting for your color. Everyone always say’s, being tan makes you look skinnier and more toned! Now who doesn’t want that without out having to go to the gym!

My legs won’t tan! What should I do?

Are you wondering why your legs aren’t tanning ladies? The skin on your legs is thicker than other parts on your body which causes women to have a hard time keeping color on their legs. Women also are constantly shaving which exfoliates the skin and you lose your tan faster. In the shower you want to stay away from bar soaps in because those tend to dry out your skin and would take off your tan. Keeping your skin well moisturized everyday helps your tan last longer. Using a lotion that is packed with vitamins and nutrients will help replenish your deep dark tan.To ensure the best results you want to use a tanning lotion before your session because it will help get a even bronzed look all over your body, and use a lotion extender or a self tanner after your session to progress your tan! There are many different kinds of tanning lotions that are made to help tan your legs. So ladies stop the worry and when you are at a tanning salon next, ask the employee which lotion would work best for your legs and skin type!