Why should we use a tanning lotion while tanning in a tanning bed?

Have you wondered what the purpose of a tanning lotion is? A tanning lotion helps with giving you a even bronzed color all over your body and can also help you develop a tan faster than without a lotion. There are many different kinds of tanning lotions for different kinds of skin types. For instance if you have sensitive skin, there are lotions that are hyper-allergenic so it will be light and will not make you break out. Also there are lotions for people who like that hot tingle feeling there are lotions with tingler in them. This tingle lotion varies from person to person and some cases some users may experience a very strong tingle feeling and some may not feel as much. Most popular lotions have a bronzer ingredient in them. This lotions contains DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and other ingredients that will help your develop your tan and give you an immediate color. These are used to usually jump start your tan and may even contain some types of tingling or cooling ingredients as well. 

How does a tanning lotion work? The ingredients in lotions will increase the production of melanin in your skin and also increase the blood flow to the skin which in turn will help you produce a tan.

When you are a tanning at a salon ask the employee about a good lotion for you skin type!


Tanning Positives

Tanning at a tanning salon is not only safe but it is extremely convenient. In the fast paced 21st century people are always on the go. Tanning salons have made tanning just as fast paced as your life. Consider it a drive thru to look great. Most people do not have the time to go and lay out and get a tan from natural sunlight. Also beach traffic and crowded pools make tanning outside anything other than desirable. Being able to get off work and quickly come in and get tan whether you are in a bed or getting a great spray tan is stress free and so easy.

Also being in a tanning booth you are able to control the amount of time you spend in the sun. Usually at the beach or pool you spend more time out in the sun than you should for various reasons. You may fall asleep which can lead you to sun exposure for hours which than can lead to skin damage. Or you may decide to spend more time outside because the sun is not out and so you think you must stay outside longer to get tan. Unfortunately, when it is overcast the UVB ray is present and has damaging effects on your skin. Tanning salons have less UVB (burning ray) and more UVA (tanning ray) which is a good ray. Tanning salons are without a doubt the way to go.