I Want Lashes Like the Celebs!

Ever wondered how celebs always have enviously long and thick lashes!? In order to make your eyelashes look longer and thicker, one thing you can do is use a darker eyeliner. In other words, use a liner that is darker than the color of your eyelashes. It will create the illusion of thicker eyelashes at the root. Here are a few more ways to make your lashes look like the celebs!


Enhance the lashes you have: You can achieve a seriously enviable set of lashes with lash extensions; something that beauty experts and celebrities alike swear by. Make sure to do your homework on the place you decide to get them done at. You want someone with experience and a place that uses mink lashes instead of synthetic. Something to keep in mind for lash extensions, you truly get what you pay for!
Master mascara: Mascara really opens up your eyes and gives them a more bold look. For maximum impact first use eyelash curlers and an eyelash brush to separate the lashes. Take your time and really make sure you have mascara on each of your lashes for a bolder and thickening effect!
Fake it: If you want to make a statement with your eyelashes for a night out, fake it. Strip lashes are a popular weapon for most of the celebrities who don’t have those long and thick eyelashes. The only difference is that they are applied by professionals, and in your case, you will be applying them on your own. This fact may take you a bit longer to learn how to apply fake eyelashes like the professionals. Keep trying to use them on a everyday basis to get your technique down! Practice makes perfect.


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