Help!…My Legs are Still White!

They say that the farther away from your heart a part of your body is, the harder it is to tan. This makes sense, as you probably have come to discover your legs are the hardest place to tan!  The reason behind this is that most people have at least some cholesterol build up along artery walls, making it much more difficult for blood (and oxygen) to flow. Oxygen that comes from outside assists the tanning process as well. So wearing pants, especially tight ones, could very well cause enough oxygen deprivation to hinder the tanning process. Don’t fret, we have various ways around this! First, before you come in to tan try to shave and exfoliate so new skin is there. Newer skin is more susceptible to tanning. Another huge role in tanning your legs is keeping them moist and massaged so the oxygen is circulating. There are some awesome tanning lotions made just for your legs to keep them hydrated properly, allowing you to achieve the deepest and darkest tan. Popular ones, for example, would be Gorgeous Gams or Leg Work by Devoted Creations. Gorgeous Gams is an ultra dark bronzing formula targeted just for your legs to speed up the tanning process. Leg Work as well, but this dark bronzing creme is also formulated with cocoa butter, macadamia oil, and natural bronzers to keep that year round glow. Self tanner spray cans and lotions (i.e. Salon Solate or Glitz) can also be used in and out of the salon to touch up your tan and add immediate color.  It’s a universal want to achieve the same tan on their legs as their upper bodies. With the help of a few tanning products your legs can be bronzed and beautiful I’m no time!


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