How Does Tanning Affect Your Hair??

Just like your skin, the sun and UV rays tend to dry out your hair if you aren’t taking the proper steps to maintain it. This is why we stress the importance of tanning lotion and aftercare moisturizers for your skin; to put back all of the vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids UV rays tend to take away. Your hair is no different. Since UV rays can be drying to hair, it would be in your best interest to use a moisturizing conditioner when you know you are going to be in the sun or tan indoors often. Also, there are some leave in conditioners sold online or at drugstores made with sunscreen, allowing you to spritz a little in your hair before coming into the salon for extra protection.

Tanning can also be responsible for lightening those locks. This is awesome for those of you that are blonde, or if you’re trying to lighten up your hair anyways. However, if you prefer to keep that head of hair of yours on the dark side, we suggest using a hair cap while tanning indoors. The Tannie, for example is one of the most popular ones out there; sold at most tanning salons or online. This is a hair cap that helps to retain moisture and protect your hair from fading and becoming too brittle. It’s breathable and washable too so it’s a great one time investment if you plan to tan indoors frequently. Although most people don’t really think about it, dryness and lightness are two ways tanning indoors, or outdoors, will affect your hair. Luckily with a great conditioner and/or hair bonnet you won’t have to worry too much about your hair becoming damaged by the sun.


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