Top 5 Celebrity Secrets Revealed For a Simplified Beauty Routine

Now you do not have to hide the imperfections of your skin under your tresses from one side or by wearing the not-so-trendy costumes 2012 that are not at all revealing. Understand that there are only a handful of people who are actually blessed with perfect skin, hair and nails. If you don’t fall under that category don’t worry, most of us don’t! Now it is not very difficult to get the perfect radiance and healthy skin using beauty products. To make it simpler further, here are some celeb beauty secrets revealed to give you a perfect Red Carpet look:

Following tips can prove to be of great help in bringing you the basket full of compliments your way:

  1. Save your skin: Pollution and sun have a harsh effect on your skin. They are largely responsible for the development of fine lines and wrinkles which is the scariest nightmare for all women. Exposing the skin to sun rays for longer durations lead to the appearance of dark spots. Apply a good sunscreen every time you step out of home to keep away the tanning and save yourself form the signs of early aging.
  2. Curly eyelashes: Have you ever wondered what makes the eye lashes of the celebs so fuller? Curly eyelashes are the most happening look this season and you can spot number of celebrities flaunting it. If you are not comfortable using mascara then get the false eyelashes or accentuate your original eyelashes by using a curler.
  3. Have a signature look: It is great fun to have a signature style that people are envious of. It is best to create a look of your own. You can choose your eyes or lips to create your signature style. It is best to accentuate your strengths and make them your style statement.
  4. Take care of your tresses: Excessive styling plays havoc to your hair and may do permanent damage if you don’t give them the nourishment and care that they need. Next time you feel that your hair has lost its shine, you need not visit a hair spa to get those perfect locks. Just dip your hair in the cold drink of the color of your choice. It is sure to give them their lost sheen and also add to the color.
  5. Hydrate your body: Drinking plenty of water is your first step towards healthy skin. Moisturizers can’t alone give your skin the essential moisture that it requires. Try drinking water every two hours, you will soon start to see the difference in your skin type and glow.

The natural radiance and impeccable face of your favorite celebrity will soon become your reality if you make the above tips a part of your lifestyle. But remember to do things you are comfortable with and that you know, for sure, suits you the best.

Written by guest blogger, Brenda Lyttle, for Island Tan


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