The Perfect Eye AND Lip Primer!

Do you need a primer for both your eyes and your lips? How about a good highlighter?  Well Prime Time from MANNA Cosmetics is the perfect item for you. The hardest part after having a long day at work or running around, is keeping your make-up on. Most makeups tend to smudge or come off by the end of the day. Well this great product will take care of that.

Prime Time will provide long lasting color for your eyes and lips throughout the whole day. It will help prevent eye make-up from smudging and creasing, and keeping your eye shadow that you put on at six in the morning, looking like you had just put it on. Using Prime Time on your lips also will prevent feathering and will keep lipstick or lip gloss from fading away. Remember that a little bit of this product goes a long way so it won’t leave you running out all the time.

All you have to do use take your finger and dip it in the container and guide your finger over your eyelid and lips. An added benefit is to use this amazing product as an eye shadow highlighter. A primer that can keep your make-up on and looking perfect all day is a perfect and quick item for any busy woman.


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