Your Skin Can Be ‘Camera Ready’ All the Time with MANNA Cosmetics!

The hype over Orange County about MANNA Cosmetics is growing and expanding as we speak. Manna Kadar has focused much of her time over the last few years researching and developing the utmost simple and efficient, yet elegant and fun cosmetic line.  Designed with you in mind, MANNA Cosmetics gives you a makeup regimen that does not consume more time of your daily life. All great makeup starts with a clean palate; your face. You prepped and moisturized before the foundation goes on, but the real secret comes from the primer. One of her most popular products on the market right now, I introduce to you, Camera Ready. This clear makeup base is essential to keeping your makeup looking fresh and stay in place ALL day long. This silicone based primer is soft and silky in texture, giving you a smooth and matte finish. Camera Ready also works to smooth skin texture, minimize the appearance of those fine lines, wrinkles, and pores of course. Foundation primer really plays a major role for a better makeup application. You will have a more youthful appearance, and touching up your makeup now turns into one less thing you’ll have to worry about during your busy day. Literally, you will be ‘Camera Ready’ at all times!


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