UVA and UVB Rays…What are they and what do they do??

UVA rays account for 95 percent of the UV radiation that hits Earth’s surface. This particular ray is the dominant ray, although it is less intense than UVB rays, it is responsible for penetrating your skin (top layer) more deeply. UVB rays have a shorter wave length and are typically responsible for producing your sun tan; both are, actually.  UVA rays tend to tan your epidermis (outer layer of skin), whereas UVB stimulate the melanocyte cell, (located in the bottom layer of the skin) to produce the brown pigment, melanin, thus giving you a suntan. This means that UVB rays are the ones also responsible for your sunburn. Tanning beds emit both UVA and UVB rays, but this is much a safer way to tan than exposure outdoors. This is because light emitted from tanning equipment contains approximately 40 percent less UVB rays than does light from the sun. Tanning in a controlled, indoor environment allows you to find the “perfect balance” of both rays by limiting the amount of time your skin is exposed to these sun rays. Just the right amount produces Vitamin D, helps clear up acne, boosts your mood, and even treats some skin disorders.


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