The New Innovative Cosmetic Line…MANNA Cosmetics!

MANNA Cosmetics is the newest and greatest in the makeup world. This new line is innovative and simple. Manna Kadar-Pruin is the founder and creator of the awesome cosmetic line that is intended to make “Beauty Simplified”. The line consists of six signature products and a range of lipsticks, glosses, foundations, powders, concealers, and eyeshadows.  All of the products within the line are very lightweight and provide coverage without clogging pores or looking caked on. This line is incredibly useful for creating a fresh, flawless look within a short amount of time and only using a few key products.

Camera Ready is a makeup base that gives an incredible matte, silky smooth finish that helps keep your makeup on all day long. It is important to look and feel beautiful from day to night, and this new product does just that. Prime Time provides a double duty primer for both eyes and lips, creating a long lasting color and can also be used as an eyeshadow highlighter. Transfix is extremely convenient because it can change any of your eyeshadows into a smudge proof liquid liner. MANNA Cosmetics also has HD powder that creates a matte, flawless finish to any look. Sheer Glo helps complete the overall look by lighting up the skin with overall radiance to create a luminous glow that helps you stay looking beautiful and fresh all day.  To finish off your beautiful look with MANNA Cosmetics, the lash primer helps add volume and length to any lashes to amplify mascara effects. Overall, you will reach your beauty needs with MANNA Cosmetics to keep you looking matte, flawless and fresh all day long.


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