Secrets of A Base Tan Revealed!

Contrary to what the Skin Cancer Foundation amongst other critics may tell you, the reality is that base tans from within professional tanning facilities have actually PROVEN to help prevent sunburn. Base tans have been the key to success for indoor tanning salons for more than two decades. Sunscreen plus a base tan have protected millions of people from sunburns, especially during those tropical and sunny vacations. Literally, millions of indoor tanners would validate the truth in this.
What you may not know is that base tans actually multiply the ability of sunscreen to do its job. As we all know, protecting your skin cells from burning and overexposure is the goal. A base tan works by surrounding and covering your skin cells, one by one. On average, a beginner indoor tanner starts out around 5 minutes per session, gradually working their way up to 15-20 minutes after a few weeks, under professional supervision of course. The outcome? This person can expose themselves to sunlight 3-4 times longer before sunburn begins to develop. All thanks to the base tan, the tanner’s skin is now 3-4 times more resilient, multiplying the effectiveness of sunscreen applied outdoors.  Smart Tan studies have also shown that a higher percentage of indoor tanning clients use sunscreen outdoors than non-tanners. As science continues to develop, it keeps providing us with more ways in which regular exposure to the sun is actually beneficial to our health.


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