Stay healthy in the winter…your body still needs vitamin D

It is important to reach your max amount of Vitamin D intake on a regular basis, but in the winter this is especially imperative because our levels tend to be naturally lower. Sunshine is the only natural source our bodies need to produce Vitamin D. Many of us aren’t getting enough vitamin D because it is hard to attain from milk or supplements alone. Scientists and studies have shown that tanning 15 minutes a day, a few times a week can help you feel better and reach your ideal amount of vitamin D intake. New research has lead scientists and dermatologists to believe that Vitamin D is important for preventing-and even treating certain types of cancer.  Ultraviolet rays are the most efficient way to absorb this particular vitamin. Salmon and other fish where vitamin D are naturally present aren’t responsible for much of this vitamin circulating throughout your blood. Supplements may not be too effective in raising your vitamin D levels, either. Most multivitamins contain Vitamin A, which is actually tends to offset many of Vitamin D’s benefits. During the short winter days, the sun rays don’t reach and absorb in our skin as they should,  thus resulting in lack of vitamin D. Controlled, indoor tanning will not only boost your mood this winter season, but will benefit you by producing more Vitamin D-in turn lowering your risk of certain cancers. 


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