The Newest Hybrid – Makeup and Skincare Combined!

Many of you probably recognize Murad for their amazing medical grade skin care products. Well, they also have a line of primers and other products; let me introduce to you, the “Hybrids.” This specially formulated line includes three different types of primers, a liquid bronzer, skin/lip/cuticle care, and even an eye lift perfector! Murad’s skin perfecting primers come in a dewy finish-that creates a nice radiant glow for drier skins, a matte finish for a more powdery touch for normal to oily skins, and even acne & shine control primer, for those with more oily skins who also tend to struggle with those evil little breakouts as well.  All of these primers are oil-free, minimize the appearance of pores, and create a nice, even canvas to help your make-up stay in fresh and in place all day long.

On-top of their skin perfecting primers, the hybrid line also includes a few other MUST-HAVES! Their Absolute Bronzing Boost is a fave here at Island Tan Salon. This liquid bronzer is oil-free and formulated with SPF 15. Forget about applying your makeup before you come to tan or run a few errands-throw some of this bronzer on and you’re good to go!  This Bronzing Boost is also specially formulated with melanin and antioxidants to boost your skin’s resistance to UV damage, as well as firming and conditioning agents to smooth texture and keep that face of yours looking young and healthy! Another awesome item in the Hybrid line would be their Eye Lift Protector. You could say this almost works as a magic wand- as it increases skin firmness by 50% in only 15 minutes! It also works to provide instant AND long-term dark circle reduction. Lastly, Murad’s hybrid line even includes a special conditioning formula for not only your skin, but your lips and cuticles as well. This formula delivers immediate relief to dry skin and cuticles-specially made with vitamin E, BHA’s, and Lanolin to protect you from environmental exposure and damage. Murad really does carry all of your skin care needs-from treatments and masks to primers and bronzers. A truly unique brand of skincare.   Flawless Skin


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