Having Great Skin Starts Early!

Ever wonder how those young starlets keep their face so clear in all those photos and red carpet events? They have an awesome skin care regimen and they start young! Murad has recently come out with a new line called Clean Scene, made just for preteens and young teens. This line has it all. From a gentle cleanser to an awesome spot treatment, you can’t go wrong with Clean Scene!

This line is great for moms who are looking for a great skin care line to start their young girls out on. It’s very gentle and also wonderful to start young girls out with a brand that grows with their skin. They can eventually graduate to something made more for their skin as they get older. The Pomegranate line is a perfect stepping stone, or they can choose to go with the Acne line if they struggle with acne.

Clean Scene has a foaming cleanser called Craving for Clean that is super gentle and but still gets all the grime and makeup off. After cleansing, about three times a week, young girls should use Gaga for Glow; a gentle facial scrub to deep clean and freeing the face of excess oil. There are two moisturizers in the Clean Scene line; one for daytime and one for the night. Down for Defense is a day moisturizer with SPF 15 to protect the skin from UVA/UVB rays. Begging for Balance is the night moisturizer that is oil-free, leaving the skin hydrated and smooth.


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