Want a great tan but don’t want to tan your face? Here’s how!

We’re all striving to look and feel our best this New Year. Busy season is upon us here at Island Tan, and our goal is to keep you bronzed and beautiful. If tanning that pretty face of yours is one of your concerns; don’t worry, we got that covered too. Some tanning beds give you the option of turning on or off the facial lamps. Unfortunately, there are other beds and stand-ups that don’t give you this option, but we have a few solutions for that.

There some great skincare products with SPF as well as Sunumbra, a face sunscreen formulated with only the most organic ingredients.  This SPF 30 sunscreen doesn’t only shield your skin from those UVA and UVB rays; it also protects you from free radicals and even contains antioxidants! Another skincare option would be one of the amazing moisturizers from Murad. Essential-C SPF 30 will protect your skin from the sun and free radicals as well, while treating pigmentation damage caused by the environment. There’s also their Energizing Pomegranate SPF 15 which will protect you and restore your skins natural radiance all in one, just to name a few.

Besides skincare and SPF options, there are also a couple of protective facial masks that you can find as well. A solar mask not only keeps you protected, but it also reduces your sweat, keeping you cool and relaxed while you tan. There is also a dry protective ‘”RA Towel.”  This particular towel is a great choice because it blocks out 99.99% of both UVA and UVB rays! It’s ultra-lightweight, smooth, hypoallergenic, and best of all: dermatologist approved.  Don’t let your concern of facial tanning keep you out of the salon this season. Spring Break is just right around the corner-come in for a gorgeous glow and don’t stress about your face…we got you covered (literally)!


Stay healthy in the winter…your body still needs vitamin D

It is important to reach your max amount of Vitamin D intake on a regular basis, but in the winter this is especially imperative because our levels tend to be naturally lower. Sunshine is the only natural source our bodies need to produce Vitamin D. Many of us aren’t getting enough vitamin D because it is hard to attain from milk or supplements alone. Scientists and studies have shown that tanning 15 minutes a day, a few times a week can help you feel better and reach your ideal amount of vitamin D intake. New research has lead scientists and dermatologists to believe that Vitamin D is important for preventing-and even treating certain types of cancer.  Ultraviolet rays are the most efficient way to absorb this particular vitamin. Salmon and other fish where vitamin D are naturally present aren’t responsible for much of this vitamin circulating throughout your blood. Supplements may not be too effective in raising your vitamin D levels, either. Most multivitamins contain Vitamin A, which is actually tends to offset many of Vitamin D’s benefits. During the short winter days, the sun rays don’t reach and absorb in our skin as they should,  thus resulting in lack of vitamin D. Controlled, indoor tanning will not only boost your mood this winter season, but will benefit you by producing more Vitamin D-in turn lowering your risk of certain cancers. 

The Newest Hybrid – Makeup and Skincare Combined!

Many of you probably recognize Murad for their amazing medical grade skin care products. Well, they also have a line of primers and other products; let me introduce to you, the “Hybrids.” This specially formulated line includes three different types of primers, a liquid bronzer, skin/lip/cuticle care, and even an eye lift perfector! Murad’s skin perfecting primers come in a dewy finish-that creates a nice radiant glow for drier skins, a matte finish for a more powdery touch for normal to oily skins, and even acne & shine control primer, for those with more oily skins who also tend to struggle with those evil little breakouts as well.  All of these primers are oil-free, minimize the appearance of pores, and create a nice, even canvas to help your make-up stay in fresh and in place all day long.

On-top of their skin perfecting primers, the hybrid line also includes a few other MUST-HAVES! Their Absolute Bronzing Boost is a fave here at Island Tan Salon. This liquid bronzer is oil-free and formulated with SPF 15. Forget about applying your makeup before you come to tan or run a few errands-throw some of this bronzer on and you’re good to go!  This Bronzing Boost is also specially formulated with melanin and antioxidants to boost your skin’s resistance to UV damage, as well as firming and conditioning agents to smooth texture and keep that face of yours looking young and healthy! Another awesome item in the Hybrid line would be their Eye Lift Protector. You could say this almost works as a magic wand- as it increases skin firmness by 50% in only 15 minutes! It also works to provide instant AND long-term dark circle reduction. Lastly, Murad’s hybrid line even includes a special conditioning formula for not only your skin, but your lips and cuticles as well. This formula delivers immediate relief to dry skin and cuticles-specially made with vitamin E, BHA’s, and Lanolin to protect you from environmental exposure and damage. Murad really does carry all of your skin care needs-from treatments and masks to primers and bronzers. A truly unique brand of skincare.   Flawless Skin

Having Great Skin Starts Early!

Ever wonder how those young starlets keep their face so clear in all those photos and red carpet events? They have an awesome skin care regimen and they start young! Murad has recently come out with a new line called Clean Scene, made just for preteens and young teens. This line has it all. From a gentle cleanser to an awesome spot treatment, you can’t go wrong with Clean Scene!

This line is great for moms who are looking for a great skin care line to start their young girls out on. It’s very gentle and also wonderful to start young girls out with a brand that grows with their skin. They can eventually graduate to something made more for their skin as they get older. The Pomegranate line is a perfect stepping stone, or they can choose to go with the Acne line if they struggle with acne.

Clean Scene has a foaming cleanser called Craving for Clean that is super gentle and but still gets all the grime and makeup off. After cleansing, about three times a week, young girls should use Gaga for Glow; a gentle facial scrub to deep clean and freeing the face of excess oil. There are two moisturizers in the Clean Scene line; one for daytime and one for the night. Down for Defense is a day moisturizer with SPF 15 to protect the skin from UVA/UVB rays. Begging for Balance is the night moisturizer that is oil-free, leaving the skin hydrated and smooth.

Why is Tanning Relaxing?

By using tanning beds you are not only creating a beautifully bronzed glow and increasing your vitamin D production, but you are also producing endorphin’s. Endorphin’s are the human body’s natural drug. This is one reason why tanning beds are very relaxing to most clients! The UV light of a tanning bed may create chemicals in your body that are linked to pain relief and euphoric feelings. These amazing benefits of tanning are something you don’t want to miss out on! 
While you’re laying in your tanning bed for 10-20 minutes at a time, you will be calmed by the UV light. Ring in the New Year with a beautifully bronzed glow as well as a mood change! Obtain vitamin D, depression therapy, reduction of symptoms of PMS, and beautifully bronzed skin all at Island Tan Salon and Spa. IT constantly has specials going on in order to give our clients the beat deal! Find us on Facebook and twitter for constant tips and  informational blasts. Image