Facials, Pomegranates and All!!

Murad offers a Pomegranate line that will cleanse, treat, repair hydrate and protect. This line is perfect for the people that have t-zone shine, clogged pores and occasional breakouts. The first step of this line is the Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser. This dual-action foam lifts away dirt and oil as it tighten pores. This simple foam cleanser is a cell energizer and powerful antioxidant. Step two of the pom line is the t-zone pore refining gel. This patented treatment gel normalizes oil production, keeps pores clean and maintains healthy, glowing skin. This gel has salicylic acid which gently exfoliate to help clear pores and skin imperfections. The final step to this regimen is theenergizing pomegranate moisturizer with SPF 15! This lightweight and oil-free moisturizer infuses skin with hydration and protects against UVA/UVB rays! Zinc and copper condition and balance the skin to leave it silky and smooth. There are two option parts of this line that are the Pom Exfoliating mask and lip protector. This antioxidant-rich mask restores, revitalizes and balances combination skin. The pomegranate and ginkgo biloba extracts fight free radicals and inflammation. The other option item but well loved is the lip protector with SPF 15. This relives dry, dehydrated lips with the antioxidant-rich lip protector that replenishes and restores that dryness. Island Tan not only offers all of these products but we also offer a 30 minutes pom-power pore cleansing facial! This facial boost the benefits of your daily skincare with fruit enzymes that power away dirt and impurities. This keeps your skin free of grime and removes dead skin that is past its prime. The antioxidant Pomegranate attacks damaging free radicals and the result is fresh, glowing skin! Come into the salon for more information on these products and services!


The Ancient Art of Threading

Threading is a newly introduced alternative to waxing and is growing in popularity by the day. For those of you unfamiliar with this, it is simply the art of twisting a cotton thread to remove your hair follicles. It first originated in Arabia and South Asia, but is gaining a lot of popularity in the United States.  Threading is a lot gentler than waxing, as it does not peel off a layer of skin or irritate your skin. It’s great for all skin types, especially sensitive ones and is highly recommended for those who use Retin-A, Accutane, and similar products. Another great fact about threading is that hair does not grow back as quickly as it tends to with waxing, and threading is also great to remove even the finest hairs. Make an appointment to try it out if you haven’t done so already! We offer it at either of our Island Tan locations!

Does your skincare stay the same in the Winter?!?

Even in California, fall is upon us and the cold winds and beginning to blow. A welcomed change to some: a frightful season to others. Fall and winter are the seasons that bring the holidays! Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years; they’re all so much fun and something that almost everyone looks forward to. But the season also brings something that is unwanted to everyone: dry skin! Whether you stay indoors most of time or you are outside a lot, you cannot escape! The combination of the cold weather, the heaters in our cars and houses makes the perfect storm for rough, dry, cracked skin. So how do we keep that radiant, glowing skin through the holidays? One word: MOISTURIZE!
Now you may be thinking, “I moisturize my skin every day. I’ll be fine”. This is not the case however. You should continue to moisturize everyday, but you should look into switching moisturizers for the winter months. Look into something with ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, hemp seed oil, and squalane.
At Island Tan, we carry many products that will help you keep that moisture al year long. My recommendation is to switch to Matahari Luminous. It has anti-aging properties, virgin hemp seed oil and gold of pleasure oil to hydrate the skin, and phospholipids to improve skin vitality and suppleness. It’s great as an everyday moisturizer and once you try it, you will be hooked! If you want something that’s going to gradually tan you as well, then try out Toned tan Extender. I use this as my everyday lotion and it gradually tans my skin as well as keeping it moisturized with rich emollients, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and coconut oil.

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Murad Acne Line

Get clear and stay clear with Murad’s acne product line. This product line is sure to reduce some of your major acne concerns. If acne breakouts, oily skin, pores or red skin are your concern, come into salon today in order to get the right product for you. Acne Complex kit is a maximum strength regimen that delivers rapid results without dryness or irritation. Murad Acne products are both effective and gentle because they are formulated with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and enriched with hydrators, anti- inflammatories and antioxidants according to Dr. Murad’s recipe for skin health. 92% of users experienced a reduction in acne breakouts in just 3 days. This starter kit will last you up to 30 days. Included in this kit is a cleaner, treatment gel, lotion, and spot treatment. This is the perfect set for the new user of Murad! Come into salon today to pick up your Ance Kit!

Presents for Paws Philanthropic Event @ Island Tan Salon & Spa

Island Tan Salon has always strived to be involved in many philanthropic endeavors and give back to the community in any way possible. One event that we do every year, and has been hugely successful is our Presents for Paws! This consists of non-monetary donations to help animals in need during the holiday season. People can bring in items from a list of things needed by shelters and Humane Societies to care for these animals and keep them alive until they find new homes.

Last year was the second year that we participated and with all the items we collected from both salons, our Fullerton location was overflowing with donations! Check out our Facebook for pictures! (facebook.com/islandtanlaguna)

During the holiday season, most people focus on giving to needy children and to the homeless, which is great! But the animals are forgotten and we, at Island Tan, are doing what we can to remember them and help to give them the things they need to survive as long as they can. We are accepting donations through the whole month of November and donations can be anything from blankets, to toys, dog and cat food, and many more items! We are also offering discounted tanning for those who are kind enough to donate this month.

If you have any questions about this event, or want to get involved or donate, please do not hesitate to call either of our salons! Laguna – 949.249.0456 or Fullerton – 714.961.8333