Murad Hybrids

Murad has an amazing line that they name their Hybrids. These products are a skinecare/makeup mix, hence the name ‘hybrids’. My personal favorite is their Skin Perfecting Primer. They have three different kinds of these, matte finish, dewy finish, and Acne and Shine Control. I have a very oily face so I use the Acne and Shine control and it really works. All the primers utilize smart shade technology so you don’t have to worry about the subtle tint not matching your skin tone. The matte finish is great for normal to oily skin and the dewy finish is perfect for normal to dry skin. You can use the primer as your foundation (since it provides a little bit of coverage), or underneath your foundation.
The Absolute Bronzing Boost with SPF 15 is another one of Murad’s Hybrids. This goes great by itself, over the Skin Perfecting Primer, or over your foundation for a bronze glow! It has SPF 15 so you’re giving your face a glow while protecting it at the same time. I don’t recommend this product for oily faces because it does give the face some shine, but if you put it over your foundation it works great!
The last few products that make up the Hyrbrids are the Soothing Skin, Lip and Cuticle Care, the Eye Lift Perfector and the Eye Lift Illuminator. The Soothing Skin Lip and Cuticle Care is a multi-use moisturizer for those who have dry areas. It seals in long lasting moisture The Eye List Illuminator brightens the eye area and increases firmness right away! The Eye Lift Perfector is similar, but it evens skin tone around the eyes as well for those with dark circles.


Murad Sun Undone


This week I wanted to introduce an amazing Murad product that we now carry at both Island Tan locations! From the specialized ‘Sun-undone’ line, I’d like to talk about their Active Radiance Serum. This is a PHENOMNEAL product! The colder seasons are upon us, and the harsh weather conditions may start to dull and dry out your skin. Active Radiance Serum can help take care of that. This lightweight serum works to improve your own natural radiance and smooth out your skin to achieve that youthful, GLOWING appearance. It firms, and reverses the damage from the environment over the years. Specially formulated with antioxidants and Vitamin C-it leaves you with fresher and younger looking/feeling skin! What’s even more amazing? It’s CLINICALLY proven to improve firmness by 60% in just 15 minutes. All of the IT girls saw fast acting results-our skin appeared healthier and glowing after just a couple uses. Don’t just take our word for it though; this serum has won award after award in some pretty prestigious mags. Fitness, C Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Self, More and Shape are just to name a few. Not to mention, it polled in with 5 out of 5 stars. This anti-aging, repairing serum is awesome for achieving beautiful, soft, and healthy results. For more information or to experience this for yourself, inquire within one of our salons next time you stop in for a tan!

Tingle Lotion

Have you been tanning for a while but feel like you’ve hit a wall? Like you’re not getting any tanner? Well that’s what tingle lotions are for! With a tingle, you can push past the tanning plateau so that you can be darker than you ever thought you could get. A word of caution; tingle lotions are not for everyone so make sure that you do not have sensitive skin and that you try it out before you actually buy a big bottle.
What does a tingle lotion actually do? The lotion is activated by the UV rays and stimulates increased blood flow through the body, bringing up more melanin to the surface, therefore creating a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan. The melanin that is being produced is from deeper layers of the skin and is able to give a darker tan than the melanin on the surface. Some tingle lotions also have bronzers in them for an extra boost of color and melanin stimulation.
Tingles range from mild to hot, but they won’t necessarily say on the bottle so you will need to talk to someone who has tried the ones you’re interested in or try them all yourself to find out. At Island Tan, I have tried all of the tingle lotions we carry so I can tell you which ones are which. Everyday Shorts’ Rasta Tingle has bronzers and is a medium tingle. Also by Everyday Shorts, Stoked and Lava Lamp have bronzers as well, but Lava Lamp is very mild. Stoked is more in the medium range. We also carry Devoted Creation’s Trinity which is HOT, but definitely a favorite for advanced tanners! If you’ve never tried a tingle, try one! At least then you’ll know if you like it or if you don’t.