Play Boy Glitz Self Tanner

Want to know the secret to a great DIY tan? Playboy Glitz Golden Glow Self Tanner!! For me, it completely surpassed all other self-tanners in every area. It gives such a great, instant tan that’s brown, not orange. And the smell? Amazing! Seriously, some self-tanners are deceiving and smell nice at first, but hours later, you get a whiff of that unmistakable ‘self-tanner’ smell; but not Glitz. I was so pleasantly surprised the first time I used it because of the bronze color I got right away.
I was nervous at first because it looks like hot fudge when you squirt it into your hand, but it went on smooth and nice. A few tips for the best color: I learned that a little goes a LONG way with this product; you definitely do not want to use too much or it will take you forever to rub it in and for it to dry. You’ll want to use this product on fresh, clean skin with no other lotions on your body. You also want to make sure you wait at least 15 minutes before you put your clothes on so it doesn’t get smudged. PLEASE remember to wash your hands after you apply this product. That can be the difference between a noticeable fake tan and a flawless natural ‘fake’ tan. I wouldn’t shower for at least a day, because the first layer of bronzers comes off if you shower too quickly after your application.
Glitz gives you buildable color, but honestly you get an awesome tan with just one application. You can even use it on top of a spray tan for a super dark tan! I personally use it in combination with tanning in the beds because it gives me such a nice base to apply Glitz on top of. Also note that it’s very moisturizing and nourishes your skin with Vitamin’s A & E, Green Tea and Kola extract. Get in to the Island Tan Salon location nearest to you to find this great lotion! (I haven’t seen it anywhere else!)


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